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if you can't sell goods for a decent price on these sites, you'll have to use a fee-based service like ebay to liquidate your stuff quickly. you could also resell products on amazon -- the irony, right? -- though you'll have to pay an 8% to 15% referral fee. how can you make money from amazon pallets?

how product-testing freebies work third-party sites where you can test a range of products. the first type of site, traditional product testing, is where they send you a product and you feed back to it on if it works and your opinion of it. moneysavers have blagged everything from perfume to school uniforms.

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note that you'll have to take a qualifying survey before the company approves you to test products you're interested in testing. as with pinecone research, toluna is primarily interested in gaining members to take surveys to help influence products and services.

i suppose it sounds a little silly, but i am so thankful and amazed to actually have sold some pieces of my jewelry!  that is why i want to take a moment to express my appreciation to everyone involved.


i have heard that it can take a very long time to sell your first item.  that would have been so discouraging to me, i don't know if i could have hung in there.  i am extremely thankful for the many friends who have been encouraging me, who have helped spread the word, who have provided links to my site and allowed me to link to theirs, who have purchased items and who are rooting for me as i begin to create a life for myself as i create this jewelry.


it is with it is with much thankfulness for my wonderful customers and with deep gratitude for those who have helped and encouraged me that i open my "sold jewelry gallery."





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