October 24, 2009

I'm really sorry to have been out of touch for so long!  I've had a problem logging on to my web site and was just now able to get it resolved.  Evidently, the web host service did some kind of maintenance that involved changing everyone's password and I didn't get the e-mail.  I kept trying and trying to log in, but access was denied.  Couldn't figure out what the heck was going on and I was about to panic.  But here I am, all is well, I found out a way to reset my password and have it sent to me (even though I wasn't sure the password was the problem until I tried it in desperation).  Must have been it, because it worked!  That's what's important. 

It has been an incredibly busy month at work.  Maybe it's just as well that I haven't been able to access my site.  But I've missed it, so I'm glad to finally be back.  I'll plan on writing more in the next few days to catch up.  Right now, it's getting late, I'm tired, my brother and his wife are visiting and I need to get to bed.  Sleep well!!!


October 31, 2009

My company had a tailgating tent at the TU football game today and for once, it wasn't raining, gloomy, monsooning, blowing, or otherwise yucky outside.  The sun was beautiful, the sky was blue, it was a reasonable temperature and we had a good time chowing down on barbeque sandwiches, pasta salad, baked beans and cookies.  Then we all went over to watch the TU homecoming game.  The day couldn't have been better!

It was fun because the band was all dressed up in costumes for Halloween and there were tons of little kids in costume.  I had a lot of fun watching the little ones.  The had slides and Jupiter Jumps and face painting too, so there were lots of smiles on chubby-cheeked faces.

Hope you are enjoying a beautiful Halloween day...and last day of October!