June 3, 2007

Good grief!!!  I hear that other parts of the country are so dry, they are already having to ration water, have wildfires raging out of control and are baking under the unrelenting sun.  But not Oklahoma!  Heavens no!  We are approaching rain forest territory and I am seeing all kinds of new and exotic plant life in my yard (most of them weeds - very hardy weeds).  I have colonies of mushrooms of various varieties.  The ground SQUISHES when you walk on it because the ground is so saturated with water, there is no way it can absorb any more!  The mosquitoes are a big as Cessna 172's and about as loud too.  If too many of them land on you at once, you could lose enough blood to require a blood transfusion!

Speaking of exotic plant life, which I was doing before I got off on the prehistoric-sized mosquitoes, I found this mushroom - or this thing that resembles a mushroom - in my yard yesterday.  I've never seen one like it.  It is paper thin and tiny; very delicate and fragile.  Thought I would share it with you.  I'm sure it's something that is normally found in the Brazilian rain forest.  If it keeps raining, the state is going to LOOK like a Brazilian rain forest!

You may be getting the idea that we are being inundated with rain.  We are.  You might even be astute enough to pick up on the fact that I'm a little TIRED of all the rain we've been getting.   You would be correct in making this assumption.  Today, however, the sun is shining...the first time in at least 100 years.  There are some high thin clouds, but so far, it doesn't look like it's going to rain.  I don't know how to act!  It felt so weird to see my shadow, I finally understood why the groundhog goes back in its hole if it sees its shadow on groundhog's day.  What a revelation!  It just better not mean we're going to have 6 more weeks of rain.  If so, I'm going to have to stop making jewelry and get to work on an Ark!!!




June 7, 2007

We've had a couple of days of sunshine...or at least partial sunshine...and things are starting to dry out a little.  But don't worry, more rain is on the way!  We have a tornado watch tonight.  Nothing like a sunset in the anvil.  I'm just glad they appear to be west and a little north of my house.  Maybe I'll get lucky and most of the storm will miss me!

While I'm watching the clouds, Zoe is trying to strike up a conversation with the dogs next door (via the knotholes in the fence).  Poor baby!  She wants to play with them so badly!!  Like her predecessor, she runs up and down the fence with them.  And she whines the whole time...pitiful little whimpers.  I really need to invite some of my friends with dogs over for a play date.  Maybe for her 9 month birthday.  It's coming up on 6/11!!


June 10, 2007

Rain, rain and MORE RAIN!  I'm tired of wet grass, wet dog, wet streets, wet car, wet sky, wet, wet and MORE WET!!!!  We get a little sunshine in between storms, but not enough to dry us out. 

Here is a picture of the storm that came through last night.  You can see the leading edge.  We had another storm come through early this morning.  Everything smells damp and moldy.  The vines from the woods behind my house are trying to take over my yard, eating my fence.  And the mosquitoes are trying to eat me and Zoe.  They are big enough to cause alarm...they could drain you of a great deal of blood! 

I'm ready to head to someplace where the earth doesn't smell totally saturated and isn't fungus infested.  Beach, sand, salt water, sunshine...ah, that sounds so lovely!  If only I had that kind of money!!!  I wouldn't be here typing in my diary...






June 15, 2007

I know you'll NEVER guess what it did tonight at rush hour!!!  Well, maybe, if you've been reading my Thoughts & Ramblings page for the last couple of months, you might be able to guess.  Let me give you a little hint.  It's been doing it a lot.  The mosquitoes are thriving.  The frogs love it.  The woods out back look like the Brazilian rain forest.  Everything is wet, soggy, saturated, drenched...and did I mention WET??

O.K., so you probably figured it out.  We had another crazy storm.  MORE RAIN.  The ground squishes beneath my feet.  There's a new frog pond by my mail box.  It has been there long enough that they're making babies in it, fixing the place up for their new family.

I now have a serious need, and overwhelming need, a consuming need, to go somewhere where it isn't raining every day 3 or 4 times a day (or all day long, which it has also been prone to doing).   I've come to HATE my umbrella.  I'm sick to death of the sound of windshield wipers scraping the windshield and if these raindrops don't quit falling on my head, I'm going to start beating my head against the brick walls of my house!!!!    GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!






June 23, 2007

We have only had one day where it didn't rain since the last time I wrote.  On most of those days, it didn't just rain, it stormed.  At this point, it's beyond ridiculous!  Here are some pictures from this morning when the rain was coming down so hard, I could barely see across the yard!

Today has also been a day for experiencing wildlife.  I have a covered patio, and evidently a raccoon took refuge there during the storm.  Zoe was going crazy wanting to go outside and I finally let her go.  The raccoon was long gone, but he left his prints behind, just to let us know he had been there.


Before you read any further, if you're a snake lover, I have to warn you that you won't like my next picture.  I apologize to those of you who love them, but I HATE THEM, especially when they are on my patio!  Once again, Zoe was going crazy, wanting to be let outside.  Luckily, she ran like a shot to where the rabbit normally likes to graze in the yard.  I, idiot that I am, never DREAMED there might have been other creatures lurking about until I saw a quick movement at my feet (I was wearing SANDALS!).  It was a 5 ft. long SNAKE!!!  I don't think he is poisonous, but quite frankly, when they get this big, I don't care!  If they are in my yard, up by MY house, they are trespassing and they have to go!  The penalty for trespassing (if you are a snake) is death by shovel.  I'm still shaking from the adrenalin rush, but the penalty was carried out in spite of my being terrified.  I'm petrified about encountering the mate.  It's an Indiana Jones thing...I HATE snakes...


June 25, 2007

So, this morning at 5:30, I'm outside with Zoe.  I go out with her, especially when it's dark, to "protect" her.  Lately, there have been WAY TOO MANY THINGS OUT THERE to protect her from.  This morning, she had her snout buried in the grass furiously sniffing something, so I carefully proceeded to investigate.  As I'm squatted down trying to see in the dark, I catch movement out of the corner of my eye and turn to look to my right, back toward the house.  There is this big THING coming straight toward us.  Big...really...bigger than my HAND...just sauntering across my patio (nickname: Nature's Highway).  I grab Zoe, skirted the creature that was positioning itself between me and my house, toss her in the house and grab the shovel - again.  I get close enough to figure out what I'm about to do battle with and discover it's a huge crawfish!  ON MY PATIO FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!  And get this...the sucker has attitude!  It curls its tail underneath it, rears it's front end up and starts snapping it pinchers at me!!!!!  Considering I've had about 2 too many encounters with creatures in the past couple of days, I hoisted my shovel and proceeded to smash it to smithereens.  It's too early in the morning to mess around.  I have to get to work. I'm sick of all these weird slithery slimy creatures hissing, striking and snapping at me.  So I sent yet another carcass over the back fence.  This is getting old.  The rain is getting to us all...and it's supposed to storm all week.  GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


June 28, 2007

Unbelievably, the rain and stormy weather continues.  It's so far beyond ridiculous, it's hard to comprehend.  We've had flash flood warnings in effect all week long and they continue until at least Saturday.  Not only can I spell "depressed," I know it, I can taste it, I can feel it, I wake up with it and lay down with it at the end of the day.  It feels as if the sky is sitting on my shoulders!  YUCK!!!!  If this picture looks like all the others I've been sharing lately, it's because that's the kind of weather we are having.  It's crazy-making!



June 30, 2007

Our wet streak continues.  There have been flash flood warnings in place all week and the forecast continues to call for more storms and heavy rain.  It's hard to imagine that the sun is really still there...we haven't seen it in such a long time.  Here are more gloomy pictures...one from yesterday evening and one from this morning.  Surely it will get better in July...