June 1, 2006

I'm having such a difficult time adjusting to it being the first of June!  Where has the time gone!!!


June 6, 2006

 Personally, I lover housework - NOT!!!!  So When a friend sent this to me to lighten my load of guilt, I decided to shre it with you!


   1. Create a new file on your PC.

   2. Name it "Housework."
   3. Send it to the RECYCLE BIN
   4. Empty the RECYCLE BIN
   5. Your PC will ask you, "Are you sure you want to delete Housework permanently?"
   6. Calmly answer, "Yes," and press the mouse button firmly......
   7. Feel better?

   Works for me!

She also sent me this one:

Pretty coordinated, huh?


June 14, 2006

It has finally happened.  I have succumbed to a new and frightening level of insanity.  It is really very terrifying to find myself in this place.  I hesitate to even tell you about it, so hideous is the disease!  But what the heck...

You see, it all started last night when I couldn't sleep.  I've been having some trouble sleeping for quite awhile now, but this was much worse than normal.  Instead of being content to read a book until I finally drifted off, I felt the need to be doing something.  And so it was that I found myself standing in the guest bedroom at 3:00 a.m. staring at the inside of the a rather disorganized closet.  That's right.  I did.  I tried to stop myself, but I had no willpower or strength.  In a hideous fit of insanity, I started CLEANING OUT THE CLOSET!!!!  Gasp!

Most things seem as if they will be easier than they are when you first begin a project.  As you get into the project, you begin to realize that you also have to do three other things to accomplish the one thing you started to do.  At 3 a.m. it is very easy to get "off task" if you will and to get easily dragged into side projects.  As a result, my incredible bout of insanity grew to include the closet in the 2nd bedroom.  And then, I found myself trying to rearrange some things in the room and pulling out more junk until my house looked as if a tornado had hit and dropped all the neighborhood debris with me.  The other problem with beginning such major projects at 3 a.m. is that, by 5 a.m., I was out of steam, but hadn't accomplished anything other than accumulating the aforementioned debris piles.  I was finally ready to sleep!!!

It's noon now and I'm struggling to even think about having to deal with the gigantic mess I have made.  I tried the "recycle bin" trick above, but the piles are still there.  And to make matters worse, since I only slept a couple of hours, I'm now ready for a nap!!!  Clean closets?  I don't think so!  Deal with the mess I've made?  Not right now, thanks!  Rearrange the room?  Are you crazy?  I'm not!!  Not now anyway.  I don't know WHO that crazy person was who was tearing around in my house last night, but if she shows up again, I'm calling the police!!!


June 19, 2006

I got this from a friend this morning and I must say, I think the New Orleans planning commission (or whatever they are called) have finally come up with the PERFECT plan to prevent future disastrous floods in the city!!  What do you think?  Kind of makes you wonder why someone didn't think of it sooner, doesn't it?


June 28, 2006

Now THIS is what you call "making the best out of what life gives you!"  It's all about not taking yourself too seriously!



June 29, 2006

I'm trying to make the best of what life dishes out; truly I am.  But sometimes it's hard.  Like now, for example.  Last night some kid shot out one of my windows with a pellet gun.  Of course, they took off...take responsibility...HA!  Not in their vocabulary.  The police don't even bother to come out for vandalism calls any more; you just file your report on line.  Now I'm trying to figure out what it's going to cost to get it fixed, knowing it will probably be under my deductible.  But I've been told they can't fix it, since it was gas charged...one of those fairly good energy efficient models.  And because it's part of a bay window, I may have to have the who bank replaced (4 windows).  Sometimes I feel like I just can't win.  Do you ever feel that way??  The sad thing is, the kids probably think it's funny and their parents wouldn't give a rip anyway.  Sigh!