July 4, 2010

Have a safe, fun, relaxing and meaningful 4th of July holiday!!!


July 12, 2010

I have to wonder if I'm the only person in the world who does some of the stupid things I find myself doing.  Take today, for example.  I didn't remember how low I was on toilet paper when I went to the grocery store Saturday.  I had put the last roll on the holder last Wednesday and that roll was starting to look small.  So, I decided I would stop by the store on my way home from work Monday (as in today, just a short time ago) and pick some up so I wouldn't run out.  This way, I wouldn't have to try to remember that I needed TP all the way until I made my normal grocery store run next Saturday.  Sounds like a plan, right?  I thought so.  But alas...

I did remember that I needed to stop by the store.  I reminded myself mid-morning and I told myself, "Self, whatever you do, don't forget to get the toilet paper!"  Self indignantly replied, "Hey, it's me.  I got it, O.K!"  I was reassured.  I stopped worrying.

And I dutifully went to the store.  Picked up a few items.  Thought they could have waited until the weekend, but, oh, well, I had to come to the store, so I might as well grab them while I was here.  Got home and realized I FORGOT THE DING-BLASTED TOILET PAPER!!!! 

I'm so mad at myself, I could spit.  Just don't ask me to wipe the spit up with toilet paper.  I'm almost out and I need to use my last little roll as sparingly as possible since there's no telling when I'll remember to buy more!