July 4, 2008

Yes, I'm still working on my "price zapping" sale to try to raise some money to help pay off mounting medical bills from my surgery.  So, as you shop, watch for the lightening bolt sign...those items have been marked down...a lot of them below my cost, just because I need to raise some cash quickly.  I'm marking them down a little at a time as I'm still a little lacking in energy.  Keep checking back!

Want to wish you and your loved ones a very happy 4th of July.  Hope you have a fun, relaxing and safe holiday!!!

I thought I was being very clever this year.  I decided to take off work for my birthday (next week) so I wouldn't have to deal with all the "happy birthday stuff."  I figured I could remain under the radar by doing this - kind of keep it quiet and not be the center of attention.  You see, where I work, people like to celebrate: birthdays, holidays, safety, people coming, people retiring, anything, everything, you name it, if it means food and visiting, we're THERE!  But MY birthday just isn't as fun as it used to be, so I was going to play it cool and be out of town, out of the office and out of reach.  They turned the tables on me.  I walked up to the side door where I normally enter the office yesterday morning and I could see a table set up in the large reception hallway outside our offices.  As I approached the door I racked my brain trying to remember what we had going on that day.  You normally see a table laden with food in this particular area when we have customers visiting (another reason to EAT!!!).  I didn't think we were expecting anyone, so I was perplexed.  Then I saw the Happy Birthday banner.  YIKES!  The door to my office is on the left and they had decorated it with crepe paper and a sign that said "Happy Birthday, Robin!!!"  A duplicate sign hung from the wall under the banner.  Thankfully, they didn't try to put candles on the cake, because you wouldn't have been able to SEE the cake for the candles!  But I got a chuckle when I saw the "007" candles.  I work with some really nice, special people.  They got me good...

We are still having stormy weather.  Last night, we had a big one with lots of fireworks, albeit not the 4th of July kind.  And the storm clouds seemed to be forming RIGHT OVER MY HOUSE!!!  Take a look at this monster cloud that's forming right above me! 

At about the time everyone started was earnestly shooting off fireworks (yes, illegally), the lightening began in earnest and then the clouds opened.  Lightening flashed, thunder rumbled and it rained heavily, sending everyone indoors to take cover.  Guess Mother Nature wanted to get in on the celebration!  More rain and stormy weather is predicted for today and tomorrow.  I wish we could send some of it to parts of the country who need the moisture.  We certainly don't need it! right now!!!


July 5, 2008

I spent over 8 hours yesterday attempting to upgrade from Windows XP to Vista.  Bought the software a long time ago, when it first came out (when I still had money and no medical bills!), but I've been too chicken to install it.  I figured the long weekend would be a good time to give it a try, especially now that they have worked out a lot of the bugs. What a complete waste of time it turned out to be!   I did the on-line diagnostics (via the Microsoft web site) before buying, just to make sure the upgrade would be successful.   Again, what a complete waste of time!  There weren't supposed to be any issues.  Ha!  Undoubtedly, this is just another ploy to get our money.  Because once you buy the upgrade, you're stuck with it.  No refunds when it doesn't work.  The only good news is, when the upgrade failed, it did successfully restore my old operating system.  VERY frustrating!!!!!  I think Microsoft owes me a refund, but I won't hold my breath.  I should have known better. 


July 7, 2008

Zoe and I both got our hair done for my birthday.  I colored mine (refusing to face the day with any GRAY, who me, gray hair, I don't think so...LOL!!) and I gave Zoe a cut so she's all spiffy.  However, taking a picture of myself with my squirmy little dog has always proven tricky.  Taking a picture via a mirror isn't exactly going to yield great quality either. So while the picture isn't going to win any awards, we wanted you to see how good we look all fixed up.  Well, Zoe looks great anyway...isn't she cute!!  I, however, am looking OLD, darn it!!!  What is the deal???  Seems it was only yesterday that I was 20 years old...


July 13, 2008

We've had a lot more stormy weather...and it has kept me off the computer quite a bit.  Usually by now, we're into a dry spell.  But nothing seems to be "usual" any more.

The storm last night was fraught with wild wind and deadly lightening.  My power was only off for a few minutes, but a friend lost her power for about 4 hours and I've since heard others were without electricity for much longer.  The pictures above were taken before two different storms really got started, as the clouds were rolling in.  I truly need SUNSHINE!!!!

Oh, speaking of sunshine, here she is...

Everywhere I go, there she is...my sweet Zoe! 

She LOVE to gnaw on her octopus!  It's one of her favorite toys because legs go every which direction when she shakes it. 

Attacking her bed.

But when she runs out of juice, she crashes where ever she finds herself. 

Now, this picture might seem a little strange, but I thought you might enjoy it.  You see, when she's outside, Zoe's nose is to the ground, which has been very wet lately because of all the storms.  This picture was taken under my covered patio.  Zoe had just crossed from one side to the other, her nose, predictably, to the ground.  You can see the paw prints.  But those lines...those are whisker prints...from her beard!  LOL!  Schnauzer...nose...she comes by it naturally.  What else can I say!

That's the news from Oklahoma!